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T O P I C     R E V I E W
xaltlHi, I'm a 26 year old educator planning a trip to Scotland next May. I'm looking for genealogical information on James Little a previous owner of Crossbasket Castle in Scotland. If anyone has information that could help me trace this line to the United States, I would appreciate any help I can get.
GordonThis is really a geneological question rather than about the castle. I have no data on this gentleman, though if you are coming over you could try the county records office in Hamilton, or the records of the various parish churches, High Blantyre might be the closest.
You could also try
at a little cost.
If you want details of Crossbasket itself, I can supply some on the structure as it now exists, and on early ownership.

'Demeure par la verite'
Visit; Gordon's Scottish Castles Resource Page

DaviewhoJames Little has no link to America. The American church who had possesion of the property are the link to america. Why do you wish to know?
littleminxJames Little was my great uncle and my father lived in Crossbasket as a child.

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