Assocation of Latvia`s castles, palaces and manors - there are ~ 70 members - owners of castles and palaces in Latvia
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15 wonderfull castle-hotels in the Netherlands are joined in :" Chateaux et Residences Gastronomiques"
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Orte, Burgen, Schloesser, Denkmaeler und Ruinen von Mainz bis Koblenz
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This is the home page of the Dutch Castle Foundation.
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We have a photo archive over 1000 photo's and slides from castles of Noth- and South Holland. We are making a website in Dutch for schools and students. but you can see the photo's and questions about Hollands countship. If you nee photo's of Holland foor the archive, please ask.
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Association which is about the castles in the Brabant province in the Netherlands. In Dutch.
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Site of this association. In Spanish.
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This is the official website of the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust. We are dedicated to preserving Gwrych Castle and its environs. Help preserve this great landmark
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This site is dedicated to Gwrych Castle Abergele. The History, Present Condition, Days gone by, Walks and Photos. The aim of the website is to try and assist Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust, which is a registered Charity, and help raise awareness of the tragic condition of this historic castle and to hopefully one day have it restored.
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The official Italian castle organization. Well established, a little official, but very good.
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This is the homepage of the Castle Foundation Holland/Zeeland in the Netherlands.
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Come Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th August 2005, for a medieval week-end at Commequiers castle ! (France/Vendée, near Antlantique coast) More than 300 actors and observers will make this week-end unforgettable !
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