Medieval Studies

Details of the Albigensian Crusade, a holy war by the Church of Rome against the Cathars of the Languedoc, conducted in the thirteenth century.
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A Dictionary of Military architecture, covering all the terms used to describe castles and other fortifications from the Iron Age to the 18th century.
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Description of the Troubadours and their role in Medieval society. Includes examples of poetry in the original Occitan, with English translations.
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A description of the siege of Beziers by a French crusader army in 1209 - famous for the words spoken by the Abbot comanding the Crusaders - "Kill them all, God will know his own"
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Most people have heard about 'the Crusaders' but few know how many Crusades took place - to the Mid-East and in Europe. On this site you'll find eventually many pictures (Crusaders castles), maps and text - All About All Crusades!
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This site has a lot of information on England and the Medieval ages. It also has a lot of other information on other ancient civilizations.
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Our purpose here is to provide a central resource for those of you who are fascinated by all things medieval and fantasy. Fantasy reading, entertainment and gaming products and resources, Renaissance and Medieval articles, wares, and other issues from ye olde days are among the many items of interest you'll find here.
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Website for leading Medieval Studies publisher, Boydell & Brewer. Medieval History, Literature, Religion and Culture.
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This page attempts to track all Byzantine material on the Internet, and all significant entry points for Medieval studies.
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Dedicated to the history and romance of the castle.
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25-year-long project to verify the hipotesis upon medieval lifestyle, handcraft and castle building (in french only)
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A site dedicated to raising awareness of the Code of Chivalry in the modern world, and to using the Knightly Virtues as a guide for ethics in the realms of business, sports, education, relationship and personal conduct.
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