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This book on samurai castles of the 16th and 17th centuries covers details of their construction, history, and the life and times of their inhabitants. (Young Readers)
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A book about American Castles.
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When, through the efforts of an unscrupulous war profiteer, his father is threatened with dismissal from his job as keeper of an ancient castle, a young boy helps thwart the conspiracy and discovers an unexpected treasure. (Young Readers)
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A history of Scottish castles, from the large and famous to smaller family homes, which links each structure with great events in Scottish history.
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Arundel: A History of the Town and The Castle traces the history of a small town and magnificent castle set in the English countryside of West Sussex.
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The Middle Ages--the era of brave knights, majestic castles, and royal pageantry--comes to vivid life in this exciting book. Young readers will discover how a castle was built, how knights were chosen and more! (Young Readers)
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About Bodiam Castle from The National Trust staff.
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About Bunratty Castle.
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Macaulay describes people building great buildings in places as remote as ancient Egypt and as close at hand as today's New York City. The pictures are glorious; detailed pen-and-ink illustrations offer new perspectives each time a page is turned.
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Crisp photographs of art and artifacts from Europe's Middle Ages highlight "Eyewitness Book" overviews of the feudal system from a castle's construction and life. (Young Readers)
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In this beautifully illustrated book, young readers are invited to see inside a castle and discover the greatest architectural works of the medieval world. (Young Readers)
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