Heraldry can be dated back to the second quarter of the 12th century and it is a system of identification that developed during the Middle Ages in order to help distinguish fully armored knights on the battle and tournament field. Through the use of colors and symbols, which were usually displayed on a shield, banner or escutcheon families or individuals could be easily identified. Today, it is the art and science of investigating and describing coats-of-arms geneology.

Various Coats of Arms with surname origins, locations, and meanings. Also a n extensive list of family mottoes.
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Genealogy of the chilean family , surnames of other country
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Heraldizando is your source of coats of arms, surname origin, crest and history of the origins of surnames as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Hebrew, Arabic, English, Irish and more.
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This site is designed to help you conduct heraldic research on the Internet. It has the most extensive list of heraldry related content we have found!
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Des blasons de France, Allemangne, Espagne, Portugal, Italie, Nouvelle-France et autres. Accès gratuit
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Description of the medieval Counts of Toulouse (Counts of St-Gilles, Dukes of Narbonne, Marquises of Provence) including the heraldry of their arms - the famouse Cross of Toulouse - their genealogies and their connections with the kings of England, France and Aragon.
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This web site was created for the purpose of offering accurate, authentic, scholarly, well-researched, and unbiased information about modern heraldry, chivalry (knights and knighthood), and bona fide nobility, and royalty.
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