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Belgian Castles - Popular!
Belgium is crowded with more than 3 000 castles, less known but not less impressive than those of the other European countries. About 300 are open to the public.
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British Castles - Popular!
Info and pics of several British Castles- Scottish and English, including: Dunnottar, Edinburgh, Glamis, Urquhart, Clifford, Caister, and Scarborough Castles
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Castles of Britain - Popular!
Castles Unimited was formed in recognition of the necessity to preserve these relics of history. We are dedicated to the promotion and study of British Castles. Site features a photo gallery, learning center, a map room, castle listings and more!
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As with my previous site, Castellarium Philippis, this lists the fortifications in six tables, five English regions and one for Wales. However, I've done more research since my last site so these listing are considerably better and now list 3967 sites. I've also continued with a bibliography, again enlarged, and a listing of quality weblinks all updated and checked. The entry portal allows access to copies of my original databases.
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Abbeys and castle ... with more pics
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Site showing pictures and a little info about European castles. Featuring one castle every week.
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A huge site encompassing hundreds of medieval castle in England, Scotland and Wales. From here you can pinpoint the location of castles via an interactive ordinance survey map and click various areas of the country to find castle pictures, surrounding information and map directions.
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Collection of more than 200 photos of more than 50 French castles : Castles of Loire Valley,Centre,Pays de Loire, Poitou Charente, Berry, Sologne, Aquitaine, Bordeaux, Medoc, Saint-Emilion
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You can visit many medieval castles of the Loire Valley, besides some Loire castles comes from old medieval castles and have kept their structure.
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A guide to castles of the British Isles including descriptions, maps, histories of, and other fascinating information.
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A list with links and photos of the Castles and Houses in Britain I have personally visited since 1970
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100 castles and ruins in North Rhine / Westphalia ( Germany ) in 1000 photos
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