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Topic:Framlingham Castle and Allan Sorrell!
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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Andrew CHi, I'm new here and I could do with some help!

I'm doing a piece of GCSE coursework on Framlingham Castle (I know this should go in the school section, but I thought I'd get more help here!) and we have a re-construction by Allan Sorrell. We have to say what bits of it are right and what bits are wrong. I fany of you have been to Framlingham, you'll know that this isn't easy! :-)

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could get hold of some of Allan Sorrell's other re-constructions and pictures to see if he sticks to certain ideas in his drawings. One thing in this reconstruction in the odd pyramid shape of the kitchen roof. There's no evidence for this anywhere on the web or at the castle, and I haven't seen it at other castles either. So I could do with seeing if he's done this before.

If anyone could tell me where I could get these, or if anyone could give me some extra info about Fram. Castle, I'd be really gratefull.

Thanks in advance

AJRThe following websites provide some info.

If you need anything else - let us know.

[This message has been edited by AJR (edited 09-02-2002).]

Andrew CThanks for that. I'd been on most of those sites anyway though.

What I really want is some of AS' other reconstructions if anyone knows where I could get them.

Thanks again

PeterI don't know of any web-sites.
But you could try your local library for at least the book I have;
Early Wales re-created.
Printed by National Museum of Wales, 1980
ISBN 0 7200 02281 ....
AJRI've located another Allan Sorrell reconstruction - in the HMSO guide to Caerlaverock Castle, and I also have a vintage postcard of the picture. I see what you mean about the pyramidal roofs - very unusual.
GeoffI think that the roof is a matter of artistic licence along with many of the other details in his picture. The main value of his drawings is to help us imagine how the buildings might have looked.

For more of his work see "British Castles" by Alan Sorrell, Batsford, London, 1973.

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