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T O P I C     R E V I E W
1872333Hello, I've been assigned a Project on the castles from the High Middle Ages [1000-1150s]; I am currently in SocialStudies8 and I am 13 years old. The project consists of a two-page report with questions that are to be answered [which I will post a few of the problematic ones soon enough] and a structure of a model castle. I am aware from the other posts that these questions (that I will post below) have been answered already from previous topics, but honestly, I'm much too busy go through 15 pages of complete spam. I've already been through a couple of the last few pages, but I haven't really found anything yet. So, here comes my questions for this assignment:

Describe how heating was accomplished in Medieval Halls
I understand that, from the other posts, that they were accomplished from either an open hearth or fireplace, but I need to know which of those two (or maybe some other) were used during the High Middle Ages. Or, if it was the open hearth that was developed first, then evolved to fireplaces.

Describe the kitchens found in castles
I have also researched about this too, and the only useful information I received was "constructed of wood and/or stone", "usually had a garden or pond near it for food supplies", "several fireplaces, central hearths and spits", and "usually away from Great Hall; fires won't spread". I need confirmation of these facts and if possible, I would also like some more information.

How are the guests seated when they come for dinner?
Well, for this question, I couldn't get much information out of this due to lack of resource. But, they were seated with the owner of the house, which was the King. [Dais] Again, I will need confirmation about this.

Where was the chapel located in early castles?
Some of the resources said "built of Great Hall", but another said "built off bailey".. I am, as mentioned above, researching on castles in the High Middle Ages.. so, I am not sure which of those two [if they are not wrong] are correct.

Also, for the model castle, it has to include all the necessary components of a castle. I already started using cardboard, and realize that I will have to use construction paper to wrap the whole model with, which is a bit inconvenient. The components include a well, parados, kitchen, butlery, dungeon, moat, allure, and other such things, which I would need something smaller than cardboard to build with - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Remember, this is all in the 1000-1150s.

I thank you for your time on considering of helping me on this project, since it IS my [and my partner's] work to hand in, so credit would not be received.. but I will give thanks, certainly.
Ah yes, this is due on the following Monday as of today. So, if you would like to help, then please reply as soon as possible.

[This message has been edited by 1872333 (edited 12-05-2007).]

MariaWell well welll
"15 pages of complete spam"... Complete spam? Tss-tss. Could I give you a world of advice? When asking for help (especially since you want others to do your research), be polite, that encourages people to actually help you.
Anyway, if by spam you mean "all the information I'm not interested in", may I suggest using the little search button on the right of the page?
Guests at dinner
1872333LOL I'm sorry for my rudeness, but I thought that this site was no longer in use, and also with the fact that I was a bit pressured as project WAS due in a couple of days from then. I guess I was wrong, and my impatience has led me to such actions. So, I give my apologies of ever writing such things. My project has been extended to next week, so that is a great relief.
I thank you for your contribution to my project. I've looked over those websites, and they have proven to be quite useful. Looking for the guests website was probably a toughie. :X
Oh yes, thank you VERY MUCH for helping, as you're the first person to reply to my post..
1872333** Sorry for double-posting, but I just located that search button after posting my reply. It was a bit small, so that explains why my eyes couldn't see it. **

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