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Renaissance castle surrounded by formal gardens with orangetrees 300 years old and 6 km mazes in an impressive setting along the ardennes Meuse. Fourlingual Site (UK, F, NL, D)
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Montaigle Castle (French: Château de Montaigle) is a ruined medieval castle in Falaën in the municipality of Onhaye, province of Namur, Wallonia. It was built in the 14th century, and destroyed by Henry II of France in 1554. It stands on a rocky spur overlooking the valleys of the Molignée and of the Flavion. The site was used during the Late Roman period for a Belgo-Roman fortification.
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This is a Belgian Castle situated in Flanders. It was built in the early Middle Ages. This site shows you the castle's history and an interesting picturebook... If you want to discover the secrets of this beautiful castle, just visit this site.
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