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Medieval castle perched on a rock above the Dordogne Valley.
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Castle of Brou at 20 km from Paris, commercial activities at the Castle of Brou, rent a castle, marriages, weddings, receptions, shooting, films, photos, photographs, fashion, seminars, ...
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Présentation du chateau medieval de Rochebaron en Auvergne, France. Presentation of the Rochebaron medieval castle, in Auvergne, France.
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The palace is architectural masterpiece combining the tradition of French master masons with the lightnes of Italian Renaissance buildings.
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Once a jewel of medieval architecture, last century a romantic ruin, yesterday a victim of the first world war, today a pleasant place to discover. Follow me and take a walk around the ramparts.
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is a small fortified castle build in the late 15th century. With its machicolated entrance screen, fortified postern and dungeon, Fougères is a perfect example of local building skils. In the 16th century an arcaded gallery, inspired by that of the castle of Blois, signalled the blossoming Renaissance.
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Built in the 14th century, the chateau offers a harmonious series of balustrated terraces, providing a magnificent perspective, that descend gracefully to a staircase and ornamental lake.
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The castle's Renaissance wings were incorporated in it's extensive medieval remains. Unfortunately half of the 11th century keep collapsed not so long ago. (P.S. click on the text under the thumbs.)
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For a thousand years, the Castle of Menthon has watched over a sumptuous landscape, overlooking the limpid waters of Lake Annecy. Set in verdant surroundings, standing like a rampart facing the surrounding mountains, this noble house with its unusually romantic appearance seems to defy time, with a rich history intimately associated with the history of Savoy.
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High places charged of history, the pass of Portes and its castle classified "historic monument" supervises the ancient way known as "Regordane" that pilgrims of Saint-Gilles and the Crusaders followed towards the Holy Land.
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The official website of the Castel of Puivert, the first "troubadour" castel in France.
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The Chateau de Ranton is a small fortified castle 12 kilometers west of Loudun in the Loire Valley. The Chateau in its present form dates from the 14th century.
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