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This is a site devoted to castles, the heritage of remote times, when solid fortifications helped people to stay in power, to defend Polish borders and last but not least, to protect themselves against robbers. What remains of the castles today are mainly "picturesque" structures of bricks or stones somewhere on the castle hills. Some castles became palaces, which - as a result of numerous reconstructions - do not resemble the original design at all.
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Descriptions and lot of pictures of castels and palaces in Poland and all Europe.Zamki pałace i dwory w Europie a w szczególności w Polsce. Opisy i wiele zdjęć.
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The best site about polish castles. Including photos, maps and informations about 510 castles.
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One page with nice color photo's of the Dunajec Castle in Niedzica and the Castle in Czorsztyn.
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Comprehensive source of information about castles in Poland: information, histories, pictures, maps and old postcards
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The Lower Silesia is the region in Poland with very interesting history. Visiting Our region You can discover around 100 castles and palaces in all architectonic styles. On Grodziec Castle Swedish, French and Belgium Televisions produce reality show "Riket".
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Photo collection from Poland: castles, palaces, churches and convents, etc.
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The Royal Castle in Bobolice was built during the reign of Kazimierz III the Great, in the second half of the 14th century, most probably around 1350-1352.
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