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Tour over 200 castles throughout Scotland with the Chatelaine: in-depth articles, photos, links, travel info. The most comprehensive web site dedicated to Scottish castles online.
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The history of Craigmillar Castle. A website full of detail and some great photos.
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A very good example of an ancient Motte and Bailey castle now destroyed but extensively excavated and researched. The webmaster appears unfortunately to have died but maybe a relative has taken it over?
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Official site of Royal Dundonald Castle in Ayrshire, Scotland.
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This much-photographed ruined castle near Aberdeen is an impressive historic site on the east coast of Scotland. Open to the public all year. Visit and learn how it saved the Scottish Crown Jewels. This is the official Dunnottar web site.
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Edinburgh Castle the ABC of accommodation, tourist attractions, shopping, maps, history of Edinburgh, Edinburgh castle photo, etc.
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It was the seat (and regular refuge) of Scottish Kings, and the historical apartments include the Great Hall, which now houses an interesting collection of weapons and armour.
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The most complete web site about Eilean Donan on the Internet: guided tour, detailed history, diagrams, dozens of photos and e-postcards.
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Official website of this famous Scottish castle on the road to Skye. Clan MacRae and Mackenzie history, guided tour, photos. Romantic setting available for weddings.
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Web's most comprehensive site dedicated to Scotland's most romantic castle, Eilean Donan.
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My family have lived in Glamis Castle since 1372 when Sir John Lyon was granted the thaneage of Glamis by King Robert II. In 1376 Sir John married the King's daughter, Princess Joanna. Since then Glamis has been visited and lived in by many members of the Scottish and British royal families.
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The ancient Crowning Place of the Kings and Queens of Scotland was at Scone Palace, near Perth.
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