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A site about once a strong and famous castle in Central Ukraine. Only small remnants of the castle wall survived by now. Other places of interest in Bar are some Catholic and Orthodox churches
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On the page of the history of Berezhany; a small west Ukrainian town, one color picture and English info about this 16th century castle. It's a little above halfway the lenght of the page.
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The information about one of Ukrainian castles. Unfortunatelly, this castle doesn't exist today.
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Sites about old polish castles in Ukraina, Belorussia, Lithuania, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia.
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A great collection of pictures related to the most greatest castles, fortress and palaces in Western part of Ukraine. Articles available only in Ukrainian.
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The site about the castle in a small town in Vynnytsia region ( Central Ukraine) with some photos.The town itself is a famous local resort.
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Another site about the stronghold in my native town.
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