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The castles of Britain & Ireland.
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From the earliest castle strongholds to the impressive creations of the high Victorian era, Ireland's magnificent architectural heritage is richly portrayed here as never before.
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When Henry II was king of England, the Norman John de Courcy had overthrown the kings of the north of Ireland and established his rule from Carlingford Lough up the east coast as far as Fair Head. In 1180 he built a massive keep to guard the approach to Belfast Lough at Carrickfergus - the first real Irish castle.
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A photographic experience of Castles in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each Castle is presented with a short write-up and separate pages of pictures. A must for the serious and casual Castle Enthusiast.
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Photographs of all the Castles of County Galway, in Ireland.
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The best examples of heritage towns in ireland with castles to visit and experience many medieval festival such as Athenry .
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Castles built or owned by the Madden clan in Ireland.
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O'Brien Castle is an ecletic site featuring Castles of England, Ireland and Scotland and France, Heraldry, Falconry, history of English Royalty from William the Conqueror to present day, Celtic Midis, and more is planned!
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Directory of castles built in England,Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
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Located in the magical land of Ireland, in county Cork and the Village of Blarney is the famous Blarney Castle.
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