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Album TitleAlbum Author
Nikitskiy monastery (22 photos) Artyom Konyshev
Novospasski monastery (39 photos) Artyom Konyshev
Plakovo Monastery (3 photos) angel jordanov
RILA MONASTERY (6 photos) Borislav Angelov
Rila Monastery (10 photos) Alexander Atanasov
Rochester Cathedral (1 photos) Steve Crampton
Rojen Monastery (5 photos) angel jordanov
Rozhen Monastery (5 photos) Alexander Atanasov
San Nazzaro Sesia (5 photos) Peter E Presford
Simonov monastery (34 photos) Artyom Konyshev
Sokolski monastery (1 photos) angel jordanov
St. Augustine's Abbey (5 photos) Elizabeth Heavner
Tintern Abbey (5 photos) karla wickerham
Ustrem Monastery (10 photos) angel jordanov
Westminster Abbey (3 photos) Elizabeth Heavner
Westminster Abbey (4 photos) Greg Kesler
York Minster (6 photos) Elizabeth Heavner
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