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Rajhenburg castle in Brestanica, is the oldest medieval castle in Slovenia.
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The Sevnica Castle, situated on the hill above the old town centre, and the Lutheran Cellar on its slope are two of the city’s biggest attractions. The castle holds different museum collections and the two nicely renovated buildings nowadays mostly play a cultural and representative part.
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Page about 15th century Sneznik Castle with panorama view.
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Old castle is the most important historical place of the town Celje. It lies on Grajski hrib (407 m), only  2 km away from the town. There is a great panorama to the town and to the countryside.
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The renaissance castle with the corner prominences from the 14th century. Primary medieval castle was build by teh nobles Dienger von Apecz.
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The Little Castle was built in 1202 by the nobles Andleški. It has been in ruins since 1511.
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Virtual reality panoramas tour to the castle: The old castle stood below the present building. Present castle was first mentioned in 1220 as Owersperch.
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