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Photo gallery dedicated to the castles of Bellinzona, Switzerland.
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Site in German about this Swiss castle of which only few ruins remain.
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Situated on a high cliff overlooking the entrance of the world famous Viamala - Gorge and the Domleschg - valley Hohen Rätien is one of the biggest and most important medieval site of Graubünden / Switzerland.
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One of Switzerlands most beautiful cave-castles near Solothurn. Although poor on pictures, the site provides very accurate information about the castles history and layout. All in german.
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Castle Greifensee is a famous place of swiss history, because its inhabitants have all been slaughtered when the castle fell during the "Old Zurich-War" in the 15th century. The site contains pictures and a lot of information (text in german).
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A beautyful castle near the nothern border of Switzerland which still looks the same as centuries ago. This site contains all informations and a large foto-gallery.
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The official homepage of the museum of castle Kyburg (near Winterthur, north of Zurich) with a foto-tour and much information (in german).
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On a rock, high about the rhine and europe's biggest waterfalls stands the medieval castle of Laufen. Today it's a restaurant and can be booked for weddings etc.
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Very informative site: Tour of the castle (incl. plan), all you need to know about its history and the exibitions in the museum.
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Official site from the people who own the old bishop's castle in Leuk. News about renovation-projects, pictures and information about the castle's history (also in english).
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Beautiful castle at the feet of the Jura-mountains. Small site in german with some pictures and infos about history, accessability and contact address.
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The castle of Porrentruy (Canton Jura) has it's origin in a carolingian domain and was later a residence of the bishops of Basel. The site contains lots of pictures (new and old) and plans. Text is in french.
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