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A small castle at the Lake Zurich. This sites contains all informations about history and access for visitors.
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All about the impressive castle of Sargans in the upper Rhine valley, its museum and other accomodations.
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The tower of castle Steinsberg stands on a rock, high above the beautyfull engadine village of Ardez. Short information in german, good pictures.
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Castle Wildenstein survived the terrible earthquake of Basel in 1356 and is therefore one of the very few castles in that area not in ruins. The site (in german) provides history, picture-tour and information for visitors.
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Allmost every castle with any visble remains is listed here. There are hundreds of fotos and lots of information about the most important sites.
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Site in german about Swiss castles.
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Not a castle, but a fotified house of the Johanniter-order near Zurich, built in the times of the crusades. The site contains a foto-tour and many informations about the museum (in german).
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Ausgedehnte Ruinenanlage ob Thalheim, Aargau. Bildergalerie, Geschichte der Burg Schenkenberg und seiner Bewohner, Beschreibung einer Wanderung zum Schloss.
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Beschreibung von Schloss Habsburg, Stammsitz des gleichnamigen europäischen Herrschergeschlechts von Weltgeltung. Gründersage, alte und neue Ansichten der Burg, Beschreibung einer Wanderung zum Schloss, Geschichte der Erbauung und der frühen Familie Habsburg, weiterführende Links, ...
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Grasburg was one of the biggest and most important castles around Bern. Although in ruins, the remains are still impressive and this site provides hundreds of pictures, plans and information.
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A small, but very informative site. Not many pictures, but text is available in german and english.
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The official website of Castle Kastelen, informing about its history, the restauration and providing many good pictures. Text only in german.
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