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French 19th century castle hotel in the Burgundy region.
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Located near Dijon, set in a private park. Luxury hotel with gourmet restaurant
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Luxury 12th century chateau, with 14th century manor house set in 10 acres, with two original spiral staircases. Pigeonier and poplar edge drive. Accommodation consists of Luxury Monet repro furniture, Toile quilted bedding, Feature low beams and original terracotta floor tiles.
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11th century castle for rent. Sleeps 20 and is located in the Savoie region of France.
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Collection of almost 200 french castles which can be visited and were you can stay. With a little info and one or more pictures of each chateau. No particular region.
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Hotel Search Engine | Compare hotel prices with 100's of sites at once and find the best available prices online. Find cheap discount hotels where ever you like.
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Bed & breakfast in a restored château, Lamothe offers 4 bedrooms, sporting facilities, and park areas with tennis in the southwest of France in Aquitaine
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Castle, built in 12th century, in former times property of the dukes of Toulouse-Lautrec with many towers and a parc of 16 ha. Rooms for rent.
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Château de Tennessus is a remarkably authentic 14th-century castle with moat, working drawbridge, arrow-slits, etc. It offers unique bed & breakfast accommodation in the three huge rooms in the medieval keep; and a self-contained gite in the entrance tower.
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A late Victorian Italianate residence, Clonalis House is widely regarded as one of the most historic of Ireland's Great Houses. The family here are direct descendants of Connacht's traditional ruling Dynasty and in the 12th. Century A.D. of Ireland's last High Kings.
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Comlongon Castle, near Gretna in Scotland, is a restored 14th Century Medieval Scottish Castle Wedding Venue and luxurious Baronial Hotel with 14 individually themed luxury en-suite 4-poster bedrooms
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Portugal - Douro: Ancient Benedictine Monastery from the XIth Century, completely refurbished and adapted to a Hotel. Tel / Fax: +351 255 611 371
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