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One of the most mysterious castles all over the world. The castel secret is... "eigth".
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To approximately 16 Km. from Andria, in the sunny and wild frame of the Murgia, the CASTEL DEL MONTE dominates majestic from the high of one green hill, only to the world for its structure, the mystery and the legends that encircle it.
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Fra i piu bei castelli medioevali del Trentino (Italy)
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A site in Italian about 6 castles in the Casentino area of Italy.
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Castelli Torri e Dimore dei Nobili di Sicilia, origini, descrizioni, immagini, bibliografie e un efficiente motore di ricerca.
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The castle of Roccavaldina is located in Sicily, near Messina, in the heart of the small town which bears it''s name and was once the castle''s feudal domain.
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One of the most important and ancient private castles of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Northern Italy), the region bordering with Veneto, Austria, Slovenia and the Adriatic sea. Inhabited since more that 1.000 years by the same family that built it the castle opens for exclusive visits for groups of at least 20 people with the owner herself acting as guide, weddings, gala dinners, exhibitions and overnight stays. My very best regards Lella Williams di Strassoldo
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The Medieval Castle is located in one of the most beautiful and impressive places of Sorrento coast, overlooking the spectacular bay of Naples with the wonderful view of the Vesuvius. The Manor is an ideal place for prestigious and exclusive cultural events, all type of product presentations, banquets and Gala dinners with medieval performances, liric and neapolitan folk shows.
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The castle of Matilda Canossa and the historic peace treaty of emperor Enrico IV and pope Gregorio VII.
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Gothic castle, raised during the Renaissance, frescoes, gallery of portraits and horses, wonderful stable, Palladio's well, chapel with sculpture by Lombardo, garden with grotto by Sorte, archive and library.
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Unique site with information on the castles of Trentino. Pictures are actually acrylics paintings on canvas done by the author.
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Castles of Parma
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