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a majestic medieval fortress from the 13th century...most famous is the world´s oldest armour and the most famous private collection of armour
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A splendid alsacian castle. One of the great medieval castle in France.
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Keeps,forts and castles of the Marche region. Also in english.
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Castles and Fortified Villages: A Day Trip from L'Aquila in Abruzzo, Italy
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A listing of castles and towers on this Italian island. In English.
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The ducal castle was built before the year one thousand, it could hold more than a thousand soldiers and it was one of the most efficient and impregnable fortresses in the centre of Italy. It was not able anyway to hold the attack of the king of France, Charles VIII in 1495. St.Thomas Aquinas was imprisoned in the castle (1240-1242). Today, the castle includes a very high level restaurant: Corte d'Avalos.
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at 1460 meters above sea level, a breathtaking wiew of a castle built on the mountain top, from XI to XV century, overlooking the mountains of the Gran Sasso National Park in the italian region of Abruzzo
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incoronation pope Alessandro III Ninfa castle (I)
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A travel through the castles, fortresses, fortifications, watchtowers, walled town of the medieval Tuscany, in the heart of Italy.
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In 1996 a multimedia project was made to reconstruct the history of Estense Castle in Ferrara through the four principal phases of building: tower (I), stronghold (II), fortress (III), palace (IV).
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This castle was build by pope Pio II Piccolomini in 1461. Site in English.
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The story and the pictures from the Torrione di Villarbasse, a magnificent medieval tower near Turin, Italy.
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