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Arundel Castle - Popular!
A Visit to Arundel castle in Sussex. The historical castle at Arundel dates back to the Norman Conquest. This site tells of it's history and owners with some fine pictures.
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Bodiam Castle - Popular!
Bodiam is probably one of the most photographic castles in England and was one of the last true castles to be built. This site gives a history of the Castle and it's owners through time along with some fine pictures for your enjoyment.
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Kendal Castle - Popular!
Virtual reality view of Kendal Castle from the outside and the fabulous views of the surrounding town.
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Skipton Castle - Popular!
Skipton Castle is over 900 years old and one of the most complete and best preserved medieval castles in England.
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The first castle was raised here at the time of the Norman Conquest and is mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086. This early fortification was rebuilt for King William Rufus between 1087-89 by Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester, and was one of the earliest castles in this country to be fortified in stone. This site gives a detailed history of Rochester Castle with some fine pictures for your enjoyment.
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Pictures of Carlisle Castle. A photographic gallery dedicated to Carlisle Castle and its associated buildings.
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Owned by the Percy family since 1309, Alnwick Castle is the home of the Duke of Northumberland. Its massive medieval exterior contains a stunning Italian renaissance style interior.
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Ranulph le Meschin probably began building Appleby Castle around 1100 passing it to the hands of the Crown when le Meschin was made Earl of Chester in 1121. The Scots took the castle in 1136 and it was not regained by the English until 1157.
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Bamburgh Castle is probably the finest castle in England. It is perched on a basalt outcrop on the very edge of the North Sea at Bamburgh, Northumberland. It commands stunning views of the Farne Islands, Holy Island and land' ward to the Cheviot hills.
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The oldest castle in Britain to be lived in by the same family - for nearly 900 years the Berkeleys have mixed with royalty and rebels. King Edward II was murdered here, and teh last Jester in England died in the Great Hall in mysterious circumstances. An intact Norman Marcher CAstle, with English Civil War damage still not repaired as it is prevented by Act of Parliament.
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Details of the village of Bodiam including History, Services, Views and Amenities
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The castle at Bolton stands in its prominent position guarding the landscape of the North Yorkshire Dales, unchanged in over 600 years. This site gives a history of this magnificent castle and also provides the reader with a comprehensive history of the great Scrope families of Bolton and Masham. There are also some fine pictures of the castle and other pictures connected with the family to be seen.
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