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Built in the 14th century by Sir Ralph Lumley, Lumley Castle is a magnificent monument to a bygone age of honour and nobility. Now an international hotel, the Castle welcomes guests from around the world to experience fine dining; medieval banquets; unique conferences and weddings; and luxury accommodation in unparalleled surroundings.
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To the East of Raven glass village and above the River Esk, this ancient castle has remained in the same family, the Penningtons, since l208. The oldest part of the castle as it stands is the pele tower of circa 1325. It has something of a reputation for being haunted.
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Welcome to Orford castle, a fine Castle Keep built by Henry II in 1165. This site tells of the history of the castle along with its owners. The castle is in near perfect condition. There are also some fine pictures of this magnificent castle to be seen.
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A website dedicated to the local history of the Medway area of Kent England featuring photographs of Rochester castle and cathedral,Dover castle, The Tower of London, Canterbury cathedral and other sites of historical interest in the south-east of England. Plus two accounts of great medieval castle sieges and free desktop wallpaper.
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This is, according to legend, the site where Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur, died. The story goes that Uther, also a King, had his capital at Carlisle, and his Round Table at Eamont Bridge, just to the south of Penrith.
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Penrith Castle was built from 1398 onwards, after John de Dreux had given William de Strickland a perpetual lease with provision to build a small fort. The original building was extended and the whole given a licence to crenelate. The castle was further upgraded in the early Cl5 before being given to Richard Duke of Gloucester, later to become King Richard III.
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A licence to crenelate was granted to John Cockerham, Abbot of Furness Abbey, in1327 to fortify his house on the island in Barrow harbour. In 1403 the pele tower was taken apart by Abbot John de Bolton, because of the high cost of its upkeep. The destruction of the tower was in contravention of an agreement made between Abbot Cockerham and King Stephen.
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Portland Castle was built by Henry VIII in 1540.
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One of the largest and most impressive of English medieval castles, Raby Castle, in County Durham, Northumbria.
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One of the best houses in the county, now in the care of the National Trust, but occupied by the Strickland family for 750 years. Originally built around 1340 as a peel tower by Sir Waiter Strickland, it has received many additions and improvements over the next 400 years or so.
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Spofforth Castle in North Yorkshire was given by William the Conqueror to William de Percy shortly after the conquest, although nothing remains of the original buildings. This page gives a brief history of Spofforth, along with a couple of pictures of this delightful fortified manor.
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A website charting the history of the lost Weddington Castle of Warwickshire, from the Norman invasion through to its tragic demolition in the 1920s. This site contains a wealth of old photographs, key person information and documents relating to the Castle. It also relates to the modern day Weddington by comparing the housing boom which led to the Castle's demolition to the current housing development proposals that are threatening Weddington's green belt in the 21st century
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