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Durlston Castle was built in 1886 by George Burt, a local wealthy quarryman and mason. The Victorian style monument and surrounding landscape is dedicated to the Dorset town of Swanage. The castle sits at Durlston Head on the Dorset coast and is built completely of local stone.
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The castle was begun in the early C12 by William le Meschin. It changed hands no less than six times in the next two hundred years. The castle resisted fierce attacks by the Scots in 1138 and then again in 1315 and 1322.
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The majestic castle at Framlingham guards the landscape from its prominant position, unchanged in over 800 years. This site covers the history of Framlingham concentrating on the Bigod earls of Norfolk through to the Howards. A fascinating view of of the castles history with some fine pictures.
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A history of the splendid Norman castle standing proud in the Staffordshire town of Tamworth. Site also contains details of special events and exhibitions at the castle and its museum.
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Goodrich Castle is located in Herefordshire, England. The earliest part of the castle dates from the mid-twelfth century and was built up over several phases.
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With over 3,000 acres of rugged upland terrain, the Greystoke Castle Estate provides one of Britain's best centres for off-road driving, country pursuits and mountain sports. Also serves as an ideal venue for conferences, stag and hen parties, weddings and wedding receptions.
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In common with the other medieval castles in Sussex, Hastings Castle is again totally different in style, and completes the set nicely. It's a type of castle known as a promontory or cliff-top castle, and was one of the first castles William built in England after landing in 1066. This page gives a brief history of Hastings castle along with a couple of pictures.
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The magnificent Norman Castle keep at Hedingham is among one of the best preserved in Europe. It was built by Aubrey de Vere in 1140 and now stands as an enduring monument to the illustrious family of the de Vere earls of Oxford. This site gives a comprehensive history of Hedingham and the de Vere family along with some nice pictures for your enjoyment.
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The Castle at Herstmonceux was built in 1440 by Roger de Feinnes at a time when Castles were already out of date. This page gives a brief history of Herstmonceux with some fine pictures.
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The impressive range of buildings that makes up Hutton in the Forest traces its beginnings back to the 1300's when the tower was built by Thomas de Hoton. The tower is the only defensible part of the building and the later additions built in the 1640s and 1680s reflect a trouble free existence, a surprise given its location.
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A stunning, revolving photograph of this historic castle in the north of England. Get a virtual reality tour and see what the interior of the castle looks like today.
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The official website of this castle.
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