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Built around 1090 by King William II the Castle has a chequered and bloody history. In 1136 it was seized by the Scots as was nearby Appleby Castle. Both were held by the Scots until 1157 when they were retaken by the English and given by the Crown to Hugh de Morville though later repossessed in 1173.
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In 1269 Brougham Castle passed into the Clifford family's hands. A licence to crenelate, (that is to allow the building to have stronger defences and specifically battlements), was granted in 1309, this was just as well - the Scots continued to raid into Cumbria and Brougham castle was directly in their path. The rest of the C14 was a troubled and bloody, the castle suffering as a result of the raids and was more or less ruined by the Scots.
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The city of Carlisle a few miles south of the border with Scotland, has had a bloody history and Carlisle Castle bore the brunt of the frequent Scots attacks on the city. King William II was responsible for its erection in 1093, initially an earth and wood construction, quick to put up and cheap to build.
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The pretty village of Castle Acre is outstanding in many respects. It is sited on the ancient Peddars Way, and has a Roman trackway to the North. But most impressive are the Norman Castle earthworks and the beautiful ruins of the magnificent Cluniac Priory. They were both founded soon after the Norman Conquest in 1066 by William de Warenne, first earl of Surrey. This site gives a history of Castle Acre and its occupants along with some fine pictures.
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The magnificent keep at Castle Rising was built in c1140 by William de Albini II to celebrate his marriage to the widow of Henry I and his acquisition of the Earldom of Sussex. This site tells of the history of castle Rising and focuses on the time of its most famous inhabitant, Isabella 'The She Wolf of France', wife of Edward II and mother of Edward III. There are also a few pictures of this lovely Castle.
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Immpressive castle and perhaps the most haunted in England! The film 'Elizabeth' was filmed here.
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Cliffe Fort, near the village of Cliffe on the Hoo peninsula in Kent, was built in the mid-nineteenth century as a defence against the invasion of London via the Thames estuary.
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A history of Cockermouth Castle in Cumbria. This Castle is not open to the public.
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A manor first appeared here in 772 and was to later held by King Harold. After his defeat in 1066 it passed through many hands until it was left to ruin in the early 17th century. This page gives a brief history of the charming remains at Crowhurst along with some pictures.
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The three storey tower house you see today was probably built in the mid C14 after the Scots in about 1317 had so badly damaged the original, (of circa 1307 when William de Dacre was given a licence to crenelate), that it required a complete rebuild.
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This three storey tower was built on the instructions of the Abbot of nearby Furness Abbey soon after a Scots raid of 1322 led by Robert Bruce, (in which much of the lands and property belonging to the abbey were ravaged).
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An excellent touring centre for Devon, Exmoor and Dartmoor. Set amongst the now tranquil Blackdown Hills in Devon, Hemyock Castle offers comfortable self-catering holiday accommodation. Tours are available for visitors, schools, and groups.
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