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Whittington Castle is located in Shropshire, England. The present castle ruins date from 1221. The present condition of the castle is a result of restoration and clearance work dating from 1967.
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Wigmore Castle is located near Leominster, Herefordshire, England. All that remains of the castle is scattered ruins with features such as towers, curtain walls and a gatehouse barely discernable.
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Woodhouse Castle near Horningsham, Wiltshire was once described as one of the largest fortified manor houses in the West of England. It was destroyed during the English Civil War in 1644. It is amazing how little remains of the structure today and in historical records.
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Workington Hall is a shadow of its former self, although recent conservation work will prevent it from further decay. A licence to crenelate was granted to Gilbert de Curwen IV in 1380, although the manor had been in the family since the early C13. Mary Queen of Scots stayed at the Hall when escaping from Scotland in the 1560s.
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