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It is not possible to date accurately the motte castle at Aberedw. It may possibly have been founded by the Baskervilles, operating under the Tosnys, around 1093 when the Normans launched a concerted invasion of South Wales.
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Enough remains of this castle to show that it must have been impressive indeed, with very high walls which the 16th-century historian Leland said were "likely not to fall."
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A fine motte with a hint of a bailey to the south. This one is a documented Norman castle, built by Hugh de Avranches.
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Tucked away in a quite backwater of Shropshire stand the remains of a thirteenth century fortified manor house at Acton Burnell.
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The two castles at Aston stand roughly half way between the centres of two baronies, Wigmore 4 miles to the west and Ludlow 3 miles to the east.
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This small, two-storey gatehouse and the adjacent walls of a hall, now pleasantly landscaped and restored, are all that remain of the seat of the de Barry family.
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Beaumaris, begun in 1295, was the last and largest of the castles to be built by King Edward I in Wales.
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Old Beaupre was a medieval and then Tudor manor house, built around two courtyards. The medieval part, dating from about 1300, consisted of a group of buildings loosely arranged around the southernmost, or inner court.
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A fair amount of the structure of Benton Castle remains, and its original character is traceable, showing it to have been a very small enclosure castle with a round keep, and another round tower on the exposed side.
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Bishop's Moat is a 6m high motte, 13m across it's top; the motte stands on the west side of a 100 x 65m bailey. The site was founded by the Bishop of Hereford around 1120, and may have been captured by Llywelyn ab Iorwerth in 1233.
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This centre of the Fitz Herbert Barony of 1208, was probably constructed in the years 1208 to 1215, after which it fell into the hands of the Braose family. It was returned to the fitz Herberts in 1217/8 and was sacked by Prince Llywelyn ab Iorwerth and Richard Marshall in October of 1233.
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The Brecon Beacons and the Brecon area have a long history of human habitation. Brecon castle and town are Norman in origin. The castle came first and was the creation of Bernard de Neufmarche.
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