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This former Norman fortress seems compact, squashed into the property that once formed the baileys of the castle. The 80 foot tall masonry keep crowns a massive mound, the motte, and is still foreboding even in ruin, as it looms directly overhead and appears ready to topple over in your way.
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Builth Castle is an anomaly amongst Edward's mighty fortresses. That it has survived is something of a miracle. That it contains none of the original stonework is a great loss, for like its sisters, not only was Builth Castle a masterpiece of medieval architecture, it also played a significant role in Welsh history.
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The earthwork at Caer Beris seems to represent the first castle in the cantref of Buellt, probably built by Philip Braose in 1093.
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Caer Penrhos is a superbly-sited, magnificent ringwork castle, apparently built within an earlier Iron Age hillfort, which has been used as a bailey.
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Here, a ringwork, a variant of the motte-and-bailey, was placed within an Iron Age hillfort.
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he masonry castle, on the highest point of the hill, was probably first built by Dafydd ap Gruffydd, in lands given him by Edward I after the first Welsh campaign of 1277.
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Caerleon saw centuries of Christian and Roman settlement and fortification before Norman invaders used this site for the steep motte of their castle in 1085.
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Caernarfon Castle is one of the most impressive of all the castles built by Edward I and is one of Europe's great medieval fortresses. Set on a peninsula bounded by the Menai Strait and at the heart of North Wales, Caernarfon became the English administrative centre.
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Caernarvon is architecturally one of the most impressive of all of the castles in Wales. It was intended as a seat of power - and as a symbol of English dominance over the subdued Welsh.
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Built in the late 13th and early 14th century, Caerphilly Castle is concentric (castle within a castle) in architecture, with a double moat. The castle's most distinguishing feature is its leaning tower.
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A comprehensive source of information about Caerphilly castle including visiting details, opening times, picture galleries and stories about the history and origin of the castle.
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The interest and extraordinary impact of Caerphilly derive from its enormous size, together with the complexity of its land and water defences.
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