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Carreg Cennen dominates its surroundings, and seems out of place in the mountainous farming terrain which it commands.
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Carreg Cennen Castle in South Wales is, in our opinion, one of the best castles in Wales. It stands high on a remote cliff top among the foothills of the Black Mountain. Its location is nothing BUT spectacular: the castle sits atop a limestone crag rising 300 feet above the valley of the river Cennen, which isolates it from the hills to the south and west.
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The earthworks (27m x 13m) are now triangular, but were probably originally rectangular and at least three times as large.
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The castle was probably founded by a Welsh lord in c1240-65 and had a round tower with a hall on the south side, all built of rough rubble sandstone from which the building took the name Castell Coch, or "Red Castle."
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Castell Crug Eryr (the eagle's crag) is a spectacularly situated earthwork motte and bailey castle.
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Fragmentary ruins are all that remain of a small castle, also sometimes known as Heron's Castle.
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Castell Cynfael was a Welsh-built castle representing the period of Welsh recovery following the expulsion of the Normans.
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Castle Dinas Bran is located in Denbighshire, northeast Wales. Dinas Bran sits atop a hill about 1,000 ft above the floor of the Dee Valley in Llangollen. There's a well-marked path to the castle, however, the climb to the top is not an easy one. If you're ever in the area or even staying in Llangollen, make sure you take the time to visit this remarkable castle.
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Castell Dinerth is located near Aberarth, Ceredigion, west Wales. Dinerth was originally built around 1110 and all that remains is three separate mounds within the site.
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Castell Troggy is in Llantrisant, Monmouthshire, south Wales. Hidden among the bushes and trees are the remains of a castle built by Roger Bigod III, earl of Norfolk, as a hunting lodge in or around 1305.
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This is a romantic castle, its walls and towers appearing to grow naturally from the narrow spur of rock which rises dramatically from the level floor of the Dysynni valley.
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Castell y Blaidd (Wolf's Castle) is a strong ringwork, presumably of Norman date, although no reference to it survives. It sits unusually high on the hills near a pass leading eastwards where several tracks still meet, and has wide views apart from to the east and north-east.
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