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Raglan Castle, near Usk in South Wales, was "one of the last true castles ever to have been built in England and Wales". It has been called one of the finest late-medieval buildings in the British Isles.
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A tribute to greatest examples of fortified architecture: the medieval castles of Wales. You'll find here the history, photos, plans the most important of these castles and the Castles of Wales Desktop Theme!
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Pictures and some background on the town walls of Conwy and the castle too.
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Very little is known about Tomen Ddreiniog of Gwynedd, north Wales. It now stands as an impressive and romantic memorial of these distant times, an overgrown hillock on the very edge of the Dysynni.
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The geological fault which contains Bala Lake and the Dee and Wnion valleys is a significant feature of North Welsh geography which came to play an important role in movement and control within the country.
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Tretower Castle is 3 m NW of Crickhowell, Powys, Mid Wales. Tretower Castle is open any reasonable time and offers an intriguing glimpse into medieval Wales. It is only one of several fine castles you may explore on a trip across the A40. Hunting for these castles makes an exciting outing for anyone visiting Wales.
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Twmpath Castle is on the Northern edge of Rhiwbina, Cardiff, south Wales. Folklore surrounds it's history and all that stands is a good 30 feet high ruin, although it has a fair amount of vegetation covering it.
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Twthill Motte is 300 yards S of Rhuddlan Castle, Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, north Wales. Today, Twthill (unrestricted access) is reached via a footpath to the south of the present castle.
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Upton Castle is near Cosheston, Pembrokeshire, west Wales. Upton is a small castle, a knight's holding from Pembroke on a creek of the Carew River. The castle is not open to the public, however the castle grounds contain a fine arboretum managed by the National Park Authority.
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Usk Castle is loacted near the town, Monmouthshire, south Wales. The Norman castle and town are thought to have been founded by 1120. The castle lies on a hill on the northernmost sector.
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Evelyn James' drawings of castles of Wales with historical reference. Includes native Welsh, Norman and English Castles.
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Thumbnail summaries and photographs of Welsh castles visited by the author.
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