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Caerphilly Castle in the small town of Caerphilly, South Glamorgan is one of the largest castles in the United Kingdom. It was built by Gilbert de Clare between the years 1268 to 1271. Caerphilly is considered to be the earliest and finest example of of the true regular concentric fortification in the British Isles.
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Visit Caldicot’s magnificent medieval castle set in fifty-five acres of beautiful parkland. Discover its romantic and colourful history with a taped tour, relax and enjoy the grounds and explore the hands-on activities. *gift shop * tea room *events * free parking and toilets *picnic tables * barbecue hearths Open Daily March to October 11am to 5pm Take junction 23a from M4 and B4245 to Caldicot. (01291) 420241
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Perhaps one of Wales' best kept secrets, the castle at Caldicot sits on an ancient site. Restored to much of its original outstanding condition, it is a lovely place to spend the day.
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Caldicot Castle in Gwent, South Wales is often neglected in discussions of the Welsh Castles. This is a shame since Caldicot, apart from having a history dating back to Norman times, forms the picturesque centrepiece of a beautiful country park. The castle was restored by a wealthy Victorian and was the home of the Cobb family until the 1960's.
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The name Candleston is probably derived from the de Cantelupe family who built a fortified manor house here in the later 14th century.
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A site of great strategic value along the extensive network of Roman roads in Wales, Cardiff sat along the main link between Caerleon and Carmarthen.
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The unfortunate condition of Cardigan Castle belies its historical significance, for Cardigan was the site of frequent conflict, particularly between the Welsh princes of Deheubarth and the ambitious Norman invaders of West Wales.
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The present structure was begun in the 13th century by Sir Nicholas de Carew, a high ranking officer and frequent campaigner in Ireland.
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Norman castle later an elizabethan residence and only restored tidal mill in wales
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The castle at Carmarthen, on its rocky eminence overlooking the River Twyi, must have dominated the medieval town just as, a little way to the east, the Roman fort must have dominated the Roman town a thousand years before.
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The construction of the citadel in the 12th century by the sons of Owain Gwynedd is recorded by Giraldus Cambrensis while on his famous journey through Wales in 1188.
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Castell Cardochan is a ruined mediaeval Welsh castle of the same vintage and design as Castell-y-Bere in the Dysynni valley.
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