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The fortress was probably begun around 1200 when William Braose was granted rights of conquest in this district and was consequently probably seized from him on his rebellion in 1208.
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Conwy is by any standards one of the great fortresses of medieval Europe. First impressions are of tremendous military strength, a dominating position and a unity and compactness of design. The eight mighty towers seem to spring from the very rock which dictated the castle's eventual layout.
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Conwy Castle is a masterpiece of medieval military architecture and is associated with one of the greatest circuits of town walls to be found anywhere in Europe, more than three quarters of a mile in length, with 22 towers and three original gateways! Conwy was built between 1283 and 1289 by Edward I and helped complete the conquest of the Welsh princes in North Wales.
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The Welsh castle at Criccieth is a marvelous sight to behold, sitting as it does so high and majestic atop a rocky promontory which juts dramatically out into Tremadog Bay.
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Crickhowell Castle, also known as Alisby's castle, is a conspicuous feature of the small market town and occupies a vantage point with commanding views along the Usk valley.
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Cwm Camlais was a small castle, also known at times as Camlais, Maescar, Blaencamlais, or Defynoch Castle.
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In 1116 we find the first recorded mention of a native Welsh castle which has survived to the present day.
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Denbigh Castle overlooks the town, Denbighshire, northeast Wales. Unfortunately, nothing of the native-built castle has survived. In recent years, however, restoration efforts have greatly upgraded the overall appearance of the gatehouse. Travelers passing through northeast Wales should make time for a side trip into Denbigh. You will discover one of Wales' best kept and most fascinating secrets.
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Gwynedd, north Wales, doesn't qualify as a medieval Welsh castle, however this is a legendary fortress. The fortress sits on a most precipitous rock, which might well be judged the strongest natural fortress in Gwynedd.
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Dinas Powys Castle is located in Vale of Glamorgan, south Wales. The castle dates back to the 5th to 7th century and now lies in ruins.
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Dinefwr Castle is located in Carmarthenshire, south Wales. The castle has undergone extensive restoration and is now open to the public.
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East Orchard Castle in St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan, south Wales was called a castle, but there is no evidence that it was fortified as such at any time. It ruins and its history is all that remains.
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